Our shoe factory was born around 1960 founded by brothers Giuseppe and Giovanni. They begin to work their shoes at the age of 14 years old moved by a passion and mastery that they have cultivated and passed down to daughters Gisella and Nadia. Women shoes produced here reflect a typical italian style with the pursuit of the highest quality, elegance and comfort. We adressed modern, dynamic and exigent women, the collection is focused on well-finished models, on shapes and accessories produced with craftsmanship.


The shoes Pezzana, absolutely made in Italy through all steps of the process, are appreciated by international female customers and can be found in the best boutiques in Europe, UK and USA. 







"Strani amori: Scarpe!"

Scarpe pronte per viaggiare,

comode, moderne, Made in Italy



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Corso Roma 106, Cilavegna (Pv)